Eagle-eyed members may have noticed already, but we have updated the Exposure homepage. Now the page is a little different for everybody.

If you’re a new member, the page gives you a warm welcome, along with tips on how to use Exposure. If you’ve got a draft story in process, the page will show you that, so you can easily get back to working on it. And if you’ve published a few stories, the page will show you them, along with new stats on how many times each story has been viewed and enjoyed.

Stats has been a huge request for a while now and we understand why – once you’ve published a story you want to know that people are seeing it. We’re working on a larger stats project, so stay tuned for that, but we wanted to give you a bit of information on the homepage now. If you want to see those numbers go up, we’ve also included a way to promote your stories right from the homepage. Just hit that “Promote” button!

To see your new custom homepage, just head over to exposure.co (make sure you’re signed in).

Take a look