Redesigned Story Options Are Here!


Much Improved Story Options

A long overdue redesign of the Story Options panel is now live and available to all members! The new design brings consistency to the style and experience while also improving the overall speed of editing your options.

Overlay Your Photos With Your Story

We are very excited to share an update to our full width photo group in the Exposure Story Editor. You can now overlay your group title and story over a photo with a sweet parallax scroll effect in just a few clicks. We call it "Parallax With Overlay"

This new feature looks great for title cards to breakup a story, for featured pull quotes or making an extra impact with a striking photo. All our rich text editing features are available as per usual.


Just a Click Away

The new Parallax With Overlay can be enabled via a new button below the regular Parallax button. These buttons are in a toolbar located in the top left your full width photo group. Exiting full width groups can enable this with no need to update anything.

Once enabled you will also have the option to include the default dark overlay or a transparent overlay if your photo is already dark.


Can't wait to see what you come up with! Enjoy.

Caption Your Photo Sets


Starting today you can now add a simple caption for entire photo sets in your stories. No more having to caption each photo individually, simply add your caption underneath, easy!

You can add a caption while in edit mode below your photo sets.

This update is available for new and existing stories. Captions are limited to 400 characters to keep things looking tidy. Any questions please let us know!

Enable Your Contact Form πŸ“¬


With this update comes an incredibly simple and elegant way to enable a contact form and set an address for visitors to get in touch.

Not only will the contact link display on your site and stories but you will have a handy link to a great looking landing page for the form. Once a message is sent you will receive it straight to your inbox with all the form details submitted.


Head to your Preferences to enable your Contact Form β†’ it only takes a few seconds to set up and you will be ready to go.

Toggle preview.png

Here is a few great looking examples from our members:

Introducing Menu Builder


We are pleased to introduce Menu Builder to our growing list of features. A fast and easy way to integrate a beautiful fully branded and responsive menu into your Exposure site and stories.

The Menu Builder helps Business plan subscribers further integrate into the home for your storytelling. Let's dig in or skip right to the the Menu Builder β†’

Fast and Easy Menu Building

We started with simple and effective set of features to make setting up your brand menu fast and customizable. It just takes a few minutes.

  • Add up to 6 menu items that can link to anywhere.
  • Use a your custom brand color for the menu background and preview it in realtime or just go with classic black or white schemes.
  • Upload your brand logo or use your display name.
  • Toggle displaying social icons, story subscriber button and native Exposure links like categories etc.
  • Enable a simple footer menu that includes the items you set in the menu builder.
  • Simple controls to disable the menu if you wish.

Build your menu now β†’


We have much more planned for the Menu Builder but as always we are all ears for feedback so please let us know what you think.

Explore the Menu Builder β†’

We Have Updated our Privacy Policy

We care deeply about you and the visitors privacy when using Exposure. You have probably seen a lot of GDPR related news and the new laws now applicable to websites like ours. We are committed to being compliant with all privacy laws and the regulations around how we handle your data so you can focus on storytelling.

Please take few moments to visit the link below and read an outline of our recent Privacy Policy changes. These changes are effective May 23rd 2018, if you would like to opt out please contact us.

Visit β†’

We are always available for questions so just drop us an email at Thanks for using Exposure!

Use Your own Privacy, Cookie Policy, Terms of Service and Story Subscriber terms

Custom terms headway.png

We know brands and business need to comply with privacy regulation and be consistent across all web sites. Exposure now offers a way to use your own Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Terms of Service with our Business Plan. The links will appear on your Exposure site, story subscribe forms and stories.

Also, you can now customize the copy that appears under the your Story Subscriber forms to better communicate your privacy terms to your readers.

Learn more or upgrade over in your Business Options β†’


Customize Internal Usage Tracking

tracking headway.png

To improve your Exposure experience and help with support, we privately track the events you perform while signed in (for example, β€œStarted new Story at 4:13PM on 10/10/18”).

This data is stored securely and is only accessible by the Exposure team for the benefit of supporting you the storyteller. Please note that disabling use tracking will also disable our live chat feature.

Toggle Internal Usage Tracking over in your Accounts Details β†’

Customize Anonymous Visitors Analytics

tracking headway 2.png

Exposure anonymously collects information on visitors to your site and stories to build insight about how the platform as a whole is doing and help us improve the service, much like most sites on the web. We do this by using Google Analytics and store no personal identifiable information and any IP addresses are anonymized.

To improve your privacy options as a member of the Exposure community and to make your own call for your readers you can now toggle Anonymous Visitors Analytics if you wish.

Toggle your Anonymous Visitors Analytics over in your Accounts Details β†’

Embed your Exposure Story Feed

Story feed embed.png

Your feed of stories can now go with you to your website, blog or anywhere that accepts HTML and Javascript with our new Story Feed Embed script.

The script allows you to embed a raw list of stories to be displayed anywhere you need them. That includes the title, subtitle, thumbnail and published date by default but we also included a bunch of options so you can display the list how you want. The stories will link back to Exposure.

Grab your Story Feed embed code and get started here:

Also check Exposure member Liv Watches and how they use Exposure Feed Embed for their marketing site (hover "Watches" in the menu). Stories brought in straight from Exposure and automatically updated as they published new ones.

Story feed embed zoom.png

Script example

Below is the default script with options. We designed this to be simple and style-able so you can truly integrate Exposure into your website.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
      'username': 'Type your username here', //Account username
      'story_count': 9, //Total number of stories to display (Maximum of 18)
      'show_title': true, //Show title of story
      'show_subtitle': true, //Show Sub-title of story
      'show_publish_date': true //Show publish date of story

<div id="exposure-feed"></div>
<!-- Stories will appear anywhere the exposure-feed ID is used -->

Let us know how you use Story Feed Embed.

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