💬 Add Disqus Comments to your Stories

We have redesigned the Exposure Disqus.com integration to make it even easier to add comments to your stories. A new settings section and story toggle are now available to manage when and where comments appear.

Head to exposure.co/settings/integrations→ to get started or read up on this integration on our Help Center→.

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🎧 Add Audio to Your Stories

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Bring the sounds of your story to Exposure with the new Audio uploads.

With audio, we continue to add more multi-media options for your storytelling. Quickly and painlessly upload .MP3,.WAV or .M4A audio into your story.

The elegant player design fits perfectly into the platform and will adapt to your color scheme set in the Design Options.

You can add as many audio clips to your story as you like. A great option for ambient music to set the tone of your story, sounds of the environment, or even a spoken narrative of the story itself.

Hear it in Action:

A spoken narrative on shooting in Brooklyn with Marcus Lloyd: marcuslloyd.exposure.co/biking-in-brooklyn-w-my-texas-leica

The texutral sounds of Leningrad by Marcin Konkel: marcinkonkel.exposure.co/leningrad-12

As an audio clip is playing the player itself will stick to the bottom of your screen so you always know where the sound is coming from.

Audio button.png You can find the new Audio group in the group options while in edit mode.

Learn more via the Help Center →

📽 Add Videos to Your Stories

Storytelling takes many forms, and video is a great medium to empower any narrative. We are excited to add direct video uploads so a Youtube or Vimeo embed is no longer required to get video into a story.

The experience is just as easy as adding photos and Exposure will handle all the processing and optimizing.

Video uploads are available on our Pro Plus or Business plans.

Check out some great examples below ↴


Two Playback Options

There are 2 simple playback options for your videos. You can find these controls along with width options in the top left of the video group.

  • Traditional 'click to play', like Youtube, etc.
  • Silent looping, this will mute your video and loop it with no playback controls.

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Learn more via the Help Center →

💸 Monetize your Stories with Coil.com

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From the first days of Exposure, we took the stand to never put ads on the platform and instead, focus on building the best product we can that storyteller will love and pay for.

Thankfully that worked and now, thanks to our amazing customers we can start to explore the next part of the journey: Getting our members paid for their amazing stories.

From today you can now use Web Monetization technology to do just that with your site and stories.

Web Monetization is an open technology that allows someone viewing a webpage to stream very small payments (micropayments) to the creator in real-time.

Now, visitors who have a Coil.com membership can stream small payments to you as they spend time on your Exposure sites and stories.

This is a new and exciting technology for the web and is picking up wider adoption by the day. As adoption grows the amounts you could possibly earn will increase as will the community supporting the open web.

As Coil puts it:

"Our monetization model offers an alternative to the status quo of paid advertisements and selling the public’s attention to the highest bidders – A solution that will serve the people who aren’t being served well today."

We have many more plans for monetization and future versions of this feature so stay tuned. If you have any feedback or questions, please let us know at hello@exposure.co ✌️

Learn more on how to get started→

🙋‍♀️ Set a Story as your About Page

You can now set any published story as your About Page, this will help tell visitors who you are and what you care about. An About Page is helpful if you use Exposure as your main website.

When enabled, a story set as your About Page will be hidden from your main stories but will be linked to via an "About" link in all your menus ( Next to "Contact", "Categories", etc).

Setting an About Page Story

From the Options menu, in any published story simply toggle "Set as About Page" to enable. The story will instantly be used as your About Page.


The "About" Link

A link to your new About Page will appear in the menus of your site and the footer of your stories. If you have the Menu Builder enabled then the link will appear in the "Native Exposure Items" section.



A few notes

  • If you already have a story set as your About Page any stories set later will replace it.
  • Unpublishing a story will disable its use as an About Page.
  • A story must be published to set as an About Page. If you want to publish without notifying your subscribers then disable the "Send Email Subscriber Notification" toggle in your story Options.
  • Un-setting a story as your About Page will put it back in the typical story feed order.

🗣 Change the Label of the Feedback (Enjoy) Button


The feedback button (or "Enjoy" button) is designed to give readers a quick way to interact with a story. It appears in the cover and footer of a published piece.

For some subjects, "Enjoy" is not the right feeling. The new Feedback Label allows you to choose from a selection of verbs to better fit the subject of any story. Such as…

  • Enjoy
  • Like
  • Appreciate
  • Give Thanks
  • Acknowledge

You can find this new feature under the "Options" menu in any story under "Feedback Button Label".

feedback ui.png

Thanks to the Exposure community for helping craft this change.

🖼 Easily Add Alt Text Descriptions to Story Photos

In an effort to always improve the accessibility of Exposure stories, you can now add an explicit Alt text description to any photo. Previously the Alt text was populated by the photo caption but this was not always ideal.

To add Alt text to a photo, simply open its detail view → hover the photo and click "Add Click-Through Link or Alt Text". From there you will see the form below to add Alt text.

This is available for new and existing stories.

Alt text.png

The Alt text description will still use the photo caption if no explicit Alt text is present.

In the future, you will have the option to automatically generate Alt text descriptions powered by computer vision.

Black lives matter.

Changelog Image.png

This moment is a critical one for confronting the racism, inequity, violence, and injustice that has oppressed so many for so long. Acknowledging that we still have much to learn, we cannot ignore the impact of systems of power and oppression that surround us.

Losing black lives is something we cannot overlook. And while it should not take protests to shake us from the unacceptable status quo, the voices being heard across hundreds of cities are doing just that. We deeply regret not speaking sooner.

Exposure is a small company, but we are committed to doing what we can. In addition to listening to, learning from, and amplifying Black voices, we have donated $2,000 to the Atlanta Solidarity Fund. This organization works tirelessly for the people of Atlanta, Georgia — the city that Exposure is proud to call home.

We will also be donating 2% of monthly profits for the rest of 2020, with hopes to increase donations in 2021. Our contributions will be distributed across the following list of organizations that are working hard to fight racism and help black communities. We hope you will join us in donating if you are able.

A Platform If You Need It

We would never want cost to keep anyone from using Exposure to support the Black Lives Matter cause or keep you from sharing your experience. If you need our tools to do this important work, email hello@exposure.co and we will issue you a free account. We will grant 100% of requests and will share as many stories as we can.

Lastly, we want Exposure to be a safe place for creators and readers. As such, we will continue to uphold our zero tolerance policy for hate speech and racism of any kind. As we commit to continued learning, we are ready to hear how else we can support you, educate ourselves, and further act with compassion.

Black lives matter.

Luke Beard, CEO and founder of Exposure

If you take issue with our stance or believe our actions are wrong, you can cancel your account at any time here →.

🗣 New Group Type: Quotes

Quote promo.png

A quote can highlight the big ideas and themes of a story. With the Quote group, you can add a big bold typography driven quote and optionally cite who to attribute it to. The Quote design extends wider than the body of your story for more impact.

This group is limited to 250 characters for the quote and citation. The quote will also use the Heading font selected in your Design Options.

Adding a Quote Group

While in Edit mode for any story (new or old), click the "Quote" option to the right of the Content bar at the boom of your screen. You can add as many quotes to a story as you wish.

Quote bar.png

Once you have the group added and you have written or pasted your quote, optionally add a citation for who the quote is from. This is not required and will not appear if nothing is added.


👁 Introducing the Advanced Accessibility Widget

Your Exposure site and stories already meet Section 508 and WCAG compliance and with our new Advanced Accessibility widget, you can go even further. The widget is part of the Exposure Business plan option and available to new and existing customers.

Widget in action

The widget covers the following features:

  • Increase text size
  • Increase text spacing
  • Toggle legible fonts
  • Cursor size
  • Stop all animations (Note: Exposure will stop all animation if set as an operating system preference)
  • Highlight links
  • Read the page
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Multiple contrast modes for visual impairments

You can enable the widget via it's settings page with just one click. No additional setup required. Visit settings page →

Ensure an extra layer comprehensive compliance covering ADA, Section 508, WCAG 2.1 AA by offering a wide range of advanced accessibility features.

Explore the widget in action with our live demo →

widget preview.png

An example of where the Advanced Accessibility Widget button will display on your site and stories