We Have Updated our Privacy Policy

We care deeply about you and the visitors privacy when using Exposure. You have probably seen a lot of GDPR related news and the new laws now applicable to websites like ours. We are committed to being compliant with all privacy laws and the regulations around how we handle your data so you can focus on storytelling.

Please take few moments to visit the link below and read an outline of our recent Privacy Policy changes. These changes are effective May 23rd 2018, if you would like to opt out please contact us.

Visit exposure.co/pirvacy →

We are always available for questions so just drop us an email at hello@exposure.co. Thanks for using Exposure!

Use Your own Privacy, Cookie Policy, Terms of Service and Story Subscriber terms

Custom terms headway.png

We know brands and business need to comply with privacy regulation and be consistent across all web sites. Exposure now offers a way to use your own Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Terms of Service with our Business Plan. The links will appear on your Exposure site, story subscribe forms and stories.

Also, you can now customize the copy that appears under the your Story Subscriber forms to better communicate your privacy terms to your readers.

Learn more or upgrade over in your Business Options → exposure.co/settings/business-options


Customize Internal Usage Tracking

tracking headway.png

To improve your Exposure experience and help with support, we privately track the events you perform while signed in (for example, “Started new Story at 4:13PM on 10/10/18”).

This data is stored securely and is only accessible by the Exposure team for the benefit of supporting you the storyteller. Please note that disabling use tracking will also disable our live chat feature.

Toggle Internal Usage Tracking over in your Accounts Details → https://exposure.co/account-details

Customize Anonymous Visitors Analytics

tracking headway 2.png

Exposure anonymously collects information on visitors to your site and stories to build insight about how the platform as a whole is doing and help us improve the service, much like most sites on the web. We do this by using Google Analytics and store no personal identifiable information and any IP addresses are anonymized.

To improve your privacy options as a member of the Exposure community and to make your own call for your readers you can now toggle Anonymous Visitors Analytics if you wish.

Toggle your Anonymous Visitors Analytics over in your Accounts Details → https://exposure.co/account-details

Embed your Exposure Story Feed

Story feed embed.png

Your feed of stories can now go with you to your website, blog or anywhere that accepts HTML and Javascript with our new Story Feed Embed script.

The script allows you to embed a raw list of stories to be displayed anywhere you need them. That includes the title, subtitle, thumbnail and published date by default but we also included a bunch of options so you can display the list how you want. The stories will link back to Exposure.

Grab your Story Feed embed code and get started here: exposure.co/preferences.

Also check Exposure member Liv Watches and how they use Exposure Feed Embed for their marketing site livwatches.com (hover "Watches" in the menu). Stories brought in straight from Exposure and automatically updated as they published new ones.

Story feed embed zoom.png

Script example

Below is the default script with options. We designed this to be simple and style-able so you can truly integrate Exposure into your website.

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://js.exposure.co/beta/feed/"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
      'username': 'Type your username here', //Account username
      'story_count': 9, //Total number of stories to display (Maximum of 18)
      'show_title': true, //Show title of story
      'show_subtitle': true, //Show Sub-title of story
      'show_publish_date': true //Show publish date of story

<div id="exposure-feed"></div>
<!-- Stories will appear anywhere the exposure-feed ID is used -->

Let us know how you use Story Feed Embed.

Story Subscriber Design and Control Updates

subscribe landing page updates.png

The Exposure Story Subscriber system has picked up some great visual and control improvements this week. Your Story Subscriber landing page is now much cleaner and includes a large high resolution cover photo of your latest published story.

Take a look and share your new Story Subscriber landing page.

In addition to the landing page, the Story Subscriber modal that appears on your Exposure site will also include the cover photo from your latest work.

We have also extended the control you have over the system to now include the ability to hide the total subscriber count and disable story notification sending but still collect email address (helpful if you use Mailchimp etc). Lot's more improvement to come!

Check out those new options here: exposure.co/preferences.

subscribe landing toggles.png


New typography themes

Type themes.png

Exposure has long been big and bold on typography front but after feedback from the community we are introducing 2 two new type themes to better fit the kind of stories being told on the platform.

Typography helps set the tone of your stories and this is a first step into more flexible options to empower you, the storyteller.

No more block capital headlines if you don't feel thats right for your story. Choose from Exposure Classic, Simple Serif or Simple Sans-Serif and that theme will apply to all your stories and across your Exposure site.

Head to Preferences to get started: exposure.co/preferences.

Type Theme site.png

More type themes are planned for future releases to better help with getting your story across to your readers.

Typethemes menu.png

Type themes can be enabled here: exposure.co/preferences.

Introducing Zine

Site updates stream.png

A brand new layout for your Exposure site has arrived to compliment the recent release of Mag. Zine gives your stories an editorial feel with it's 3 column layout and tall aspect ratio thumbnails. On mobile it breaks down to a big beautiful high resolution stream of your posts to really give a home to your storytelling.

Head to Preferences to get started with Zine: exposure.co/preferences.

Introducing Two Fold, a Brand New Cover Layout For Your Stories

Two-fold-site-updates stream.png

Today we are happy to launch the first of many brand new cover layouts for Exposure stories called Two Fold. Two Fold is a split layout with a minimal, editorial feel and no dark overlay is needed so your cover photo can be seen all it's glory.

Two fold splits vertical in portrait orientations but will look great on any device it's viewed on.

Two Fold is available on any story and can be toggled via the floating PowerBar when you are in the cover area. When toggled it only applies to the story you are visiting, not all your stories.

scroll example.gif


Calling all Pinterest Users

You can now add a link to your Pinterest page from your account settings. This link will appear next to your other social links in the header of your site. As an added bonus, visitors will have the ability to pin your photos right from the story lightbox once your link is added.

Head here to add your Pinterest username 👉 https://exposure.co/account-details

Thanks to all those members who expressed interest in this update! We love your feedback.


No published changelogs yet.

Surely Exposure will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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