Control the Featuring of Your Content

The Exposure team loves to show off your great work by featuring your stories and photos, but we respect your privacy and understand you might not always want that. We've added a new privacy toggle under Account settings to let you opt out of Content Featuring. Check it out in your Account details here:

Toggle Email Notifications Sending Right from Your Stories


The story editor just got better! You can now disable your Subscriber Email notifications from sending when you publish any story. There's no need to turn off all Subscriber Email Notifications in your Preferences. Just pick which stories you want to send out! You can find this under "Publishing" in your options from today.


Two Columns Layout for your Text

2col 2.png

The two column story layout has arrived! In classic Exposure style, it only takes one click to organize your story text into two columns instead of one.

In the editor, you can hit the new button in the top left of a group in your story, just under the alignment button. Once toggled it will turn the text component of a group into two very clean equal-width columns. The column sizing will continue to be equal as you type for text like magic🔮.

2col location.png

Check out this story from the south of Italy by the ever talented and Exposure subscriber Lauren di Matteo to see an example:

2col.png See Story Here

Change Your Cover Photo Position

Untitled Project 25.gif

Your cover photo is awesome, but we want to give you more options! Check out the latest update to the story editor: position controls to help get your cover photo looking perfect.

You can now choose to position your cover photo either center, left, right, top or bottom. This is helpful for when you are using portrait or wide angle style photos for your cover.

You can find these new controls when you are in Edit Mode under Options → Display → Cover Photo Position.


This is just the start of these options and future versions of the feature will include more free from control.

Introducing the new Simple Cover Layout

Simple Ice.png

Simple Cover Layout is here! As much as we love big, full-width photos, we listened to feedback and made a more traditional, blog-like cover layout! Try it out by starting any story and selecting the Simple option under the Cover Layout. Look out for the New badge too.

simple location.png

Check out the world traveling Kirsten Alana and Javi Lorbada to see it in action.

Simple Javi.png

Open Menu Builder Links in the Same Tab


The Exposure Menu Builder can now open menu item links in the same tab! Previously, these links always opened in a new tab. Now, you can decide!

You can choose how menu builder links open via your Menu Builder Options here:

Big Improvements to Click Through Links and Photo Controls


We heard your feedback and adding a Click-Through Link to your photos is now easier and better than ever!

When you add a Click-Through Link URL to a photo in your story, it will now not only create an overlay of that link but also make the whole photo clickable. Feedback told us that the small link icon was not quite right and this update brings a true Click-Through Link experience.

You can add a Click-Through Link via the Lightbox as before. Then, you can see the overlay in action when you preview your story. We also polished the look and feel of the link input.

CTL input.png

Controls for photos in a set have also been improved. You can now access the controls in top right of each photo (previously at the bottom). We also changed the indicators of whether a Click-Through Link is active or if the photo is currently being using fill the row.

Photo options.png


Customers Affected by the US Government Shutdown


If you are affected by the current US government shutdown and need help managing your Exposure payments, please let us know anytime at, we are happy to help with your Exposure payments!

Choose Your Contact and Subscribe Page Landing Cover Image

share image contact.png

You can now use your site share image as the cover for your Contact and Story Subscribe landing pages.

Previously we automatically used your latest published story cover image but this handy new options allows you to have more control.

As an added bonus you can also remove an existing Share Image and use your default avatar.

share image contact pref.png

Head to your Preferences to enable your contact landing page and upload your share image.


Brand Logos Are Now Included in Story Notification Emails

logo in email.png

A quick improvement for our Business customers with a logo uploaded, that logo will now appear in your story notification emails for maximum brand awareness. Nothing to enable with this update, it will happen automatically. We also fixed a bunch of annoying display issues that some email clients where showing.

If you remove your logo then it will fallback to your avatar as per the default behavior. Enjoy!

You can upload your logo in your Business Options here:

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Exposure will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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