Non-profit Discounts Increased up to 50% Off

Exposure has the privilege of being part of some of the worlds biggest non-profit storytelling efforts.

It's always been important for the company to offer discounts to registered non-profits to help with the impact they are making in their respective fields.

Today we are going a step further by offering up to 50% off any of our Pro, Pro Plus and Business plans through 2020

Our offer ranges from 5% to 50% off discounts depending on the size of your organization and what plan you are looking at.

Join our ever growing list of organizations using Exposure and apply for a discount today: →


60 Day Trials of Pro Plus Now Available

Changelog Image 3.png

Starting today, all new Exposure accounts can enjoy a 100% free 60 day trial of our Pro Plus plan.

We also increased the number of stories you can publish while on trail to 6. Sound good? Get started here→

Pro Plus includes a host of improved features as well as all the latest and greatest updates:

  • Improved font and typography control
  • Enhanced story color manager
  • Design your own buttons
  • Full logo support
  • Remove all Exposure branding
  • Add your own Google Analytics
  • Use a custom domain for your site and stories
  • Build your own menu of links
  • Add a site wide Call to Action button
  • Upload looping video covers to your stories

Check out→ for a full comparison table of the features available on Pro Plus.

Changelog Image 2.png

Already a member and want to try out Pro Plus? Drop a line at or→ and we will be happy to help.

✌️ Stay healthy.

ℹ️ Payment Relief for Those Impacted by COVID-19

Change Log.png

Hello storytellers. Luke here, CEO and founder of Exposure.

The team and I have been following the COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) pandemic closely and hope you are as safe as can be.

We understand that staying healthy and reducing the spread is the number one priority. That said, the economic impact on photographers and creatives caused by canceled opportunities is also top of our mind.

To support the Exposure community, we are offering payment relief with free subscription credit.

Simply put, if you having trouble paying for your subscription because of canceled work, we will credit your account at no cost.

Please email to let us know if you need help. We are here for you.

The team is doing all we can to make sure that there is no impact to the service and we can continue providing the tools you need.

Stay safe and let us know if you have questions →


🔠 Drop Caps for Your Stories

You can now style your writing with an impactful Drop Cap. A Drop Cap (or dropped capital) is a large capital letter at the beginning of a paragraph. Bring an editorial feel to your storytelling with just one click.

This new feature is available for new and existing stories.

drop cap.gif

Find the Drop Cap button under the alignment controls in the top left of any story group. dropcap where.png


⚡️Drag and Drop Story Reordering

Your stories can now be reordered by simply dragging and dropping them around your Exposure site. No more changing publish dates to get the order you want. Just drag the new move icon, drop the story where you want.


The Story Options design has been improved to accommodate the simple move experience. Hover a story to see that in action.
Move location.png

If you don't reorder your stories they will be listed newest to oldest. Newly published stories will appear first unless moved around.

New drafts will be listed at the top of your stores unless you have more than 6. If you have more than that a "View Draft Stories" button will appear at the bottom of your screen. With it you can simply toggle between your Draft and Published stories.


Enjoy this update!

🎬 Looping Video Covers have Landed

Share 1.gif

We are very excited to launch our first video feature, beautiful looping story covers are now available for Pro Plus and above subscribers.

Bring a brand new type of life to your storytelling with a looping video cover that works perfectly across desktop, mobile devices and our 3 story layouts.

Run through Paris with our featured example by Exposure member Carl→

Share 2.gif

The upload process is incredibly simple and requires no code, one video file and takes just a few seconds to process once uploaded. Video files can be up to 50MB and less than 30 seconds long. Lot's of room to get creative! Learn more in our help center here→

Gaze at another great example of the video covers in action by Kirsten Alana→

Share 3.gif

Look across the Morocco desert with Kyle Frost→

A discount to celebrate

We are offering 20% off for 12 months to celebrate the launch of video covers so you can upgrade to Pro Plus or above with ease. Use the code videovideovideo before the 10th of March to grab the discount.

Head to the pricing Page to get started→

For some more great examples, check out the links below:


✅ Section 508 and WCAG compliance improvements

We have improved our consistent tests for accessibility across Exposure sites and stories, including many checks for compliance issues found in the Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 guidelines. A recent update addressed some contrast alerts that have now been addressed. ✔️

We do our very best to insure we are compliant at all times so you can feel confident in you or your organizations storytelling being accessible to any visitors.

If you do find an accessibility issues or have feedback please drop us a line at and we will be happy to validate and get it fixed.

🎛 Bottom Alignment for Single Photo Groups and Mobile Parallax effect

You can now align Single Photo groups writing to the bottom of the photo with one click. Look for the alignment controls in the top right of your groups and click "Bottom". This is available for new and existing groups.

single bottom.png

Subtle and smooth parallax effects have now landed on mobile devices (tablets coming soon). Previously this was only available to visitors reading on desktop.


Check out this fantastic example from Heather & Pravin,→ on your phone.

🖼 Fixed Two Fold Story Layout

The beloved Two Fold Story Layout now has a new super power, a Fixed option is now available for all members. This will fix your cover photo or video of your story to the left and the content will scroll on the right.

Rotato Movie 2.gif

Check out this fantastic live example from Exposure member Steven Yan→

You can enable the Fixed layout in two clicks. First Click "Two Fold" from the Story Layout choices when you are at the start of your story. From there click "Fixed" and you are all done.

Fixed two fold button.png

The Fixed Two Fold layout is desktop only with this release.

🎛 Cover Design Options Refresh


Your story cover now has a refreshed set of options so you can get the perfect look. These options change depending on what story layout you are using.

Overlay Layout Options

  • Hide or show the the dark overlay for your cover photo or video. This may cause contrast issues so please keep that in mind for your readers.
  • Hide or show the title and subtitle of your story, please note that this only shows as hidden when you preview your story. Not while editing.

Overlay, Two Fold and Simple Layout Options

  • Your cover photo position can be changed to focus on the center, top, bottom, left or right focal points of the photo.
  • Hide or show your author avatar
  • Hide or show the publish date of your story. You can also hide all publish dates if you wish. Learn how here→.

The Cover Design Options icon is located in the bottom right of your cover area while in edit mode.