Exposure changelog
Exposure changelog

🛍 Add In-Story Shop Buttons


New feature




We have seen from our members that a great way to sell your products, be it cycling gear, photo prints, or even camera accessories, is with storytelling.

Today we are introducing the In-Story "Shop" button to empower our members to earn with their storytelling.

The new Exposure In-story 'Shop' button allows you to add a clear call to action in the corner of any photo. With that, you can link to a store or purchase page and drive visitors to your products.

All it takes is one click in your Photo Options to enable it. Learn more over on the Exposure Help Center→.

lightbox 2.png

This feature is available to Pro Plus and above subscribers.

Enjoy! ✌️

🎯 Use a Story as a Landing Page


New feature



Exposure stories can make great landing pages for events, announcements, or anything that needs a simple, beautiful story to get the point across.

The Landing Page Mode toggle allows you to remove any elements that link away from your story. This makes sure the focus stays on the page and your visitors don't get distracted.

The Landing Page Mode toggle can be found under "Display" in your Story Options panel. When enabled it will hide the following:

  • Author and publish date in the cover of the story
  • More Stories section in the footer of the story
  • Any custom menus enabled
  • Previous and next story links
  • Subscribe and author meta in the footer of the story.

You can see an example of Landing Page Mode in action here, luke.exposure.co/park-pride-on-a-saturday-morning.

Landing Page Mode is a Pro Plus and above plan feature.

Landing page options.png

🦊 New Tab for FireFox


New feature



Our popular Exposure New Tab extension is now available for Mozilla Firefox. Get a beautiful curated photo from the community Exposure every time you open a new tab and discover new stories everyday.

Install it here: exposure.co/apps/new-tab→

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🔍 Search your Stories


New feature




We are pleased to welcome a dedicated search option for your Exposure stories. You can now quickly and easily find the story you are looking for, or let visitors search for and discover your past stories.

Search is enabled for all member sites as of today. A 🔍 icon is now in the top left of your site navigation to take you to the search page. You can also add /search to your site URL to visit it.

Search change log.png

The feature currently searches through story titles, sub-titles, locations and, footnotes. We will be including the entire body contents of the story in the coming months.

You can disable the search feature via your Site Preferences → Site Options if you wish, disabling it will hide the 🔍 icon and search page.

You can explore some examples of searches below👇

ℹ️ Information Box Call-out Style


New feature



You can now style a Text Only group to be an Information Box Call-Out. This is handy when a part of your story might need to be clarified or you need to add a more defined call to action for a given topic.

The style adds a grey background and border to create a clean different look from the rest of your story.

Info box style.png

To enable the new Information Box Call-out style, simply look for the (i) icon in the top right of your Text Only Group with the other styling options. You can toggle the style on or off with just a click. This is available for new and existing stories.

Info toggle.png

Btw, if you are eligible to vote in the upcoming US elections, please do! https://www.vote.org/

🗞 Discover a World of Storytelling with Publications


New feature



Change log.png exposure.co/publications →

We are excited to announce the launch of Exposure Publications. Hand-curated collections that showcase the best Exposure has to offer from our community of storytellers. From the world travels to current events, there’s always something new to explore.

The initial set of Publications reflex the stories being told across Exposure, but we have many more planned for the future. We aim to make it easy to find stories visitors are interested in and inspire more creators to come to tell theirs.

Publications will also publish original content, so be sure to subscribe if you are interested in reading more.

Don't want your story featured in any Publications? Totally ok with us! Simply visit your Privacy settings, disable "Content Featuring" and your stories won’t be featured.

Want to create your own Exposure Publication? Exposure can help you create and curate your own publication to inspire your audience. Contact us to explore how this could work for you or your brand.

✌️ Enjoy!

💳 Improved payment card management and billing history





billing update.png

Updating your payment card details is now easier than ever with our improving billing dashboard. Manage multiple cards, set a primary payment method, and remove old ones in just a few seconds.

Along with payment methods you can now access all your billing history, including payment receipts all in on one place.

Head to your billing settings to get started: exposure.co/billing/subscribe →

Please note: Adding extra details to your receipts is now by request. Please contact us if you need support.

💬 Add Disqus Comments to your Stories





We have redesigned the Exposure Disqus.com integration to make it even easier to add comments to your stories. A new settings section and story toggle are now available to manage when and where comments appear.

Head to exposure.co/settings/integrations→ to get started or read up on this integration on our Help Center→.

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🎧 Add Audio to Your Stories


New feature



Change log.png

Bring the sounds of your story to Exposure with the new Audio uploads.

With audio, we continue to add more multi-media options for your storytelling. Quickly and painlessly upload .MP3,.WAV or .M4A audio into your story.

The elegant player design fits perfectly into the platform and will adapt to your color scheme set in the Design Options.

You can add as many audio clips to your story as you like. A great option for ambient music to set the tone of your story, sounds of the environment, or even a spoken narrative of the story itself.

Hear it in Action:

A spoken narrative on shooting in Brooklyn with Marcus Lloyd: marcuslloyd.exposure.co/biking-in-brooklyn-w-my-texas-leica

The texutral sounds of Leningrad by Marcin Konkel: marcinkonkel.exposure.co/leningrad-12

As an audio clip is playing the player itself will stick to the bottom of your screen so you always know where the sound is coming from.

Audio button.png You can find the new Audio group in the group options while in edit mode.

Learn more via the Help Center →

📽 Add Videos to Your Stories


New feature



Storytelling takes many forms, and video is a great medium to empower any narrative. We are excited to add direct video uploads so a Youtube or Vimeo embed is no longer required to get video into a story.

The experience is just as easy as adding photos and Exposure will handle all the processing and optimizing.

Video uploads are available on our Pro Plus or Business plans.

Check out some great examples below ↴


Two Playback Options

There are 2 simple playback options for your videos. You can find these controls along with width options in the top left of the video group.

  • Traditional 'click to play', like Youtube, etc.
  • Silent looping, this will mute your video and loop it with no playback controls.

how to.gif

Learn more via the Help Center →