Exposure changelog
Exposure changelog

🎧 Add Audio to Your Stories


New feature



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Bring the sounds of your story to Exposure with the new Audio uploads.

With audio, we continue to add more multi-media options for your storytelling. Quickly and painlessly upload .MP3,.WAV or .M4A audio into your story.

The elegant player design fits perfectly into the platform and will adapt to your color scheme set in the Design Options.

You can add as many audio clips to your story as you like. A great option for ambient music to set the tone of your story, sounds of the environment, or even a spoken narrative of the story itself.

Hear it in Action:

A spoken narrative on shooting in Brooklyn with Marcus Lloyd: marcuslloyd.exposure.co/biking-in-brooklyn-w-my-texas-leica

The texutral sounds of Leningrad by Marcin Konkel: marcinkonkel.exposure.co/leningrad-12

As an audio clip is playing the player itself will stick to the bottom of your screen so you always know where the sound is coming from.

Audio button.png You can find the new Audio group in the group options while in edit mode.

Learn more via the Help Center →