Exposure changelog
Exposure changelog

📏 Automatically Resized Story Embeds


New feature


Exposure stories come in all shapes and sizes and embedding them just got even easier. Please welcome the new "Automatic Resize" option!

It's always been popular for members to embed their stories anywhere that accepts HTML as a way to share, so this upgrade makes it easier for those embeds to look seamless wherever they are placed.

Your embed will automatically resize to the height and width of the story. This means no more double scroll bars within a webpage for your readers, a much smoother experience.

Embeds are fully responsive and will work perfectly across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Check out this live example from York FC to see an embed in action.→ yorkunitedfc.canpl.ca/article/preview-playoffs-the-only-game-in-town-as-york-united-head-into-the-west

Using Automatically Resized Story Embeds

"Automatic Resize" embeds are available for all members and the code can be found in the Embed view of any story. Simply copy and paste the code snippet and place it.

Embed page.png

Our classic options for Fixed Height and Cover are still available for all embeds.