Exposure changelog
Exposure changelog

Black lives matter.





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This moment is a critical one for confronting the racism, inequity, violence, and injustice that has oppressed so many for so long. Acknowledging that we still have much to learn, we cannot ignore the impact of systems of power and oppression that surround us.

Losing black lives is something we cannot overlook. And while it should not take protests to shake us from the unacceptable status quo, the voices being heard across hundreds of cities are doing just that. We deeply regret not speaking sooner.

Exposure is a small company, but we are committed to doing what we can. In addition to listening to, learning from, and amplifying Black voices, we have donated $2,000 to the Atlanta Solidarity Fund. This organization works tirelessly for the people of Atlanta, Georgia — the city that Exposure is proud to call home.

We will also be donating 2% of monthly profits for the rest of 2020, with hopes to increase donations in 2021. Our contributions will be distributed across the following list of organizations that are working hard to fight racism and help black communities. We hope you will join us in donating if you are able.

A Platform If You Need It

We would never want cost to keep anyone from using Exposure to support the Black Lives Matter cause or keep you from sharing your experience. If you need our tools to do this important work, email hello@exposure.co and we will issue you a free account. We will grant 100% of requests and will share as many stories as we can.

Lastly, we want Exposure to be a safe place for creators and readers. As such, we will continue to uphold our zero tolerance policy for hate speech and racism of any kind. As we commit to continued learning, we are ready to hear how else we can support you, educate ourselves, and further act with compassion.

Black lives matter.

Luke Beard, CEO and founder of Exposure

If you take issue with our stance or believe our actions are wrong, you can cancel your account at any time here →.