Exposure changelog
Exposure changelog

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We are excited to announce the launch of Exposure Publications. Hand-curated collections that showcase the best Exposure has to offer from our community of storytellers. From the world travels to current events, there’s always something new to explore.

The initial set of Publications reflex the stories being told across Exposure, but we have many more planned for the future. We aim to make it easy to find stories visitors are interested in and inspire more creators to come to tell theirs.

Publications will also publish original content, so be sure to subscribe if you are interested in reading more.

Don't want your story featured in any Publications? Totally ok with us! Simply visit your Privacy settings, disable "Content Featuring" and your stories won’t be featured.

Want to create your own Exposure Publication? Exposure can help you create and curate your own publication to inspire your audience. Contact us to explore how this could work for you or your brand.

✌️ Enjoy!