Exposure changelog
Exposure changelog

📑 .Export Stories to PDF


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Exposure stories can now be exported to a high resolution .PDF files for sharing offline or archival purposes! Exports will also include any links you might have added to your story.

The exports are in standard A4 sizing and use the Overlay story layout. More options will be available in the future.

Due to the nature and length of web pages, exports may not be 1:1 with the original story, we will improve this over time.

You can download an example .PDF below of this UNDP Climate change story, https://undp-climate.exposure.co/powering-the-green-recovery to see how it looks.

Download Example PDF↓

PDF Exports are available on the Pro Plus and above plans. Stories with over 50 photos will require a Business plan to export.

The Export Story to PDF section can be found in the Options menu of your story and will also appear in the share options once you publish.

Stories may take around 5 to 30 seconds to export.

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