🔩Stability and Speed Improvements

The stability and speed of Exposure is an ongoing mission for the team, it's one of our top priorities to get your stories loading fast and always available.

We are pleased to announce that we have completed a (really) long list of upgrades that has greatly improved response time, uptime and story loading times! These upgrades have had a noticeable effect on the performance of the platform.

The core of those improvements was moving the majority of our infrastructure to Amazon Web Services as to improve a lot of aspects of performance, but also add a lot more redundancy to our systems. This means that downtime is now extremely unlikely.

Story caching is also live across the site to deliver your stories double quick, we now save and serve a static copy of your story when it's published (then update it when you make changes) instead of loading it from our database each time it's visited.

We appreciate the communities patience as these upgrades have been performed. Many more to come!