Exposure changelog
Exposure changelog

🎯 Use a Story as a Landing Page


New feature



Exposure stories can make great landing pages for events, announcements, or anything that needs a simple, beautiful story to get the point across.

The Landing Page Mode toggle allows you to remove any elements that link away from your story. This makes sure the focus stays on the page and your visitors don't get distracted.

The Landing Page Mode toggle can be found under "Display" in your Story Options panel. When enabled it will hide the following:

  • Author and publish date in the cover of the story
  • More Stories section in the footer of the story
  • Any custom menus enabled
  • Previous and next story links
  • Subscribe and author meta in the footer of the story.

You can see an example of Landing Page Mode in action here, luke.exposure.co/park-pride-on-a-saturday-morning.

Landing Page Mode is a Pro Plus and above plan feature.

Landing page options.png